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2k0023 - analogue_series#no.2k0023

The following data is part of an artistic, process research work on the themes
Delocalization, displacement, and 2k responsibility.
In the case of the use of ...

 49 indicators

49 indicators

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GeheimRat analogue_series#no.2k0023
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| Certificate 2003-02-27 | notarized 2003-03-12 |
Curator: Dr. Birte Kleine-Benne, Contact | OP2k0023 |


  1. The above item was fixed on 2003-02-27 and was notarized and fixed with signature on 2003-03-12 with the value of € 12.000,-.
  2. analogue_series#no.2k0023 offers the possibility of participation during the ongoing process. A total of 24 participants can take part. Prerequisite is a spectrum expansion interesting for GeheimRat..
  3. In addition to some scholarships and sponsored participation of NGOs + GOs, a participation is linked to the payment of a license fee of € 12,000,-
  4. The price of all certificates is net € 288,000,

What is art?

Historical construction

Historical difference of home and environment

Intermediate Results

This is a multi-layered, open-ended and processual work with no pre-formulated goal. The development work is also an integral part of the work.
It represents a work of the 4th and 5th dimension: After art-theoretical consideration of artistic work on the canvas (2-dimensional), of sculptures and/or objects (3-dimensional), of spatial installations, environments, temporary happenings and performances (4th dimension: temporal aspect, processuality), the 5th dimension (quality and quantity of the interconnectedness of elements and their relations to each other) can now also be activated.
The postal address and civic address data serve as an integral security system of an analogous idea and construction of human being.
A multitude of copyright violations are to be stated.

The work moves in the area of tension between human rights, scientific and artistic freedom, freedom of movement and residence, and international copyright law.

Operations and Connections of 2k0023

Operations and Connections of 2k0023